Monthly Membership fees are as follows:


                                                0-19                 $20/mo*

                                                20-39               $35/mo

                                                40-60               $55/mo

                                                60+                  $80/mo

                                                Family**          $135/mo 


*Must have at least one full paying adult membership

**Family is defined as 2 adults, 2-3 children, aged 0-19

Labs and some medications will be available at reduced cost. 

NON-MEMBERS      (all ages)                


$79                  Office visit, Simple                  

$99                  Office Visit Complex, Multiple Issues

$99                  New Patient – Acute Issues

$169                New Patient – Multiple Issues, Chronic

$25                  Sports Physical (Non-member)

$225                Annual Wellness Exams

Labs, Medications and any other procedures are not included in the office visit pricing. Patient is responsible for any additional charges incurred.